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Leslie Juvin-Acker

Write what you know. Express how you feel.


Everyday Spirituality

Leslie shares stories from her heart and soul. She discusses stories about spirits, spirituality, intuition, past lives, magical worlds and realms. Leslie is adept at discussing metaphysical topics and exploring the architecture of the soul.


Emotional Intelligence

Leslie is a proven expert on the subject of emotional intelligence and career development. After fourteen years, Leslie retired from coaching professionals at all levels of business and from all walks of life.


The Art of Everyday Living

Leslie is a painter. She collects antiques. Leslie and her husband remodeled their fixer upper in Vista, California. She is a mother, bird breeder, a wife of 18 years. She is an organic gardner and turned her property into a certified wildlife habitat. She studied French cooking while living in France, learning French, and becoming a French citizen. She collects designer clothes and accessories as bargain prices. 


Law, Entrepreneurship & Business

Leslie is a seasoned entrepreneur always finding opportunity in the most unlikely people and situations. She knows how to turn a brand around to engage the hearts and minds of keystakeholders. Leslie volunteers as a mentor to several women owned small businesses in her community. Leslie studies the law and writes extensively on the subject.

About Me.

My heart and soul has something to say. Writing is the means to express it. 


I've been using words to take readers on a journey since I learned to read and write.

Perpetually curious, I'm a dreamer who wants to make every vision a reality. This drive has moved me around the globe, pushed my intellectual capacities, and introduced me to people, cultures, and ideas that have changed my outlook forever.

I write about what hurts. I write about what gets me out of bed in the morning. I write about what's unfair and why. I write about my dreams, my memories, and my feelings. I write about people who inspire me. Writing is a means of expressing an urge to communicate and understand what I inuitively feel. 

Everyone has a story to tell. That's probably why I love people so much. People can't help telling me their stories and I love reflecting back to them what they've told me and taught me. As a coach, I loved helping people tell new stories. It made me a great life and career coach.

Law school made me a technically better writer. It pushed my ability to reason, form ideas, express what I feel and advocate for people and causes I feel passionate about. It taught me to not attach myself to ideas and arguments. Law school taught me how to make better arguments where the old ones fail. Law school helped me let go of black and white thinking so I could see the shades of grey in between.

Being an entrpreneur taught me to have thick skin, to take rejection with grace, to get what I want and not to wait for permission and the acceptance of others. It taught me to dance to the beat of my own drum. I learned how to make money with writing by copywriting, crafting resumes, and developing professional and personal brands.

Growing up in a dysfunctional household taught me how to love myself. Being amongst the working poor taught me to have an entrepreneurial mentality, to dig deep within myself for unending resources, and not to expect anything from anybody.

All of these experiences had something to teach me. I never waste an opportunity to learn from experience. I take everything I learn, package it, and share it with the world. I love giving people insight that will give them the strength and motivation to live their dreams.

There is so much more in me that I want to let out. Writing lets me do that.

The perpetual question remains: Whatever will I write next?

- Leslie



Juris Doctorate Candidate
Northwestern California University School of Law

Law Degree


Sustainable Capitalism & ESG
U.C. Berkeley Law

Incorporation of environmental, social, and governance considerations into business and investment strategy.


Corporate Governance
Cornell Law

Recognizing and mitigating legal issues. Understanding fiduciary duties required in effective and profitable corporate governance.


Sustainable Investing
Harvard Business School

ESG Factors in investment decisions, sustainable investing landscape, implementation of ESG metrics in investment strategy, and apply frameowrks to measure and monitor sustainable investment opportunities.


Integrative Hypnotherapy
Motivational Institute of Hypnotherapy

Four 60-hour segments of study and practice which include theory and clinical applications of the latest advancements in hypnosis, including Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Energy Psychology, and Therapeutic Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).


Global Career Development Facilitator
Center for Credentialling

Global Career Development Facilitators (GCDFs) help people meet career goals by providing career facilitation and guidance. GCDFs work alongside professionals with more extensive training in government employment agencies, schools, universities, corporate human resources departments, private consultancy firms, and many other settings.


International Studies

University of North Florida

Interdisciplinary approach to understanding economic, environmental, cultural, political and technological forces that shape today's world.

Concentration: International Affairs & Comparative Politics

Minor Concentrations: Sociology & French

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