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Windows of The Soul Book Cover


People say the eyes are the windows of the soul.


What if you could look into another’s life through their eyes?


In this collection of short stories, enter into the life experiences of thirteen souls. Explore a variety of worlds with your imagination. Get to know each character and discover their destiny while learning lessons that will change how you see yourself, other people, and your own experiences.


Enter each world with an open mind and leave transformed.

It Pays To Be You Create An Authentic Career With Emotional Intelligence


Let your career be a fulfilling expression of who you truly are.


Emotional intelligence expert and executive career coach, Leslie Juvin-Acker has helped thousands of professionals with her advice column featured in the weekly newsletter of the authoritative action sports and lifestyle industry job search website

It Pays To Be You combines practical wisdom and mind expanding questions to help you create an authentic career with emotional intelligence.

Make the biggest investment of your career by betting on and being your true self.

It Pays To Be You Create an Authentic Career with Emotional Intelligence WORKBOOK_KDP3.jpg


Emotional intelligence and career development expert Leslie Juvin-Acker guides you on creating an authentic career in this complete job search and career change workbook developed over fourteen years of coaching professionals from around the globe.

Learn how to get paid to be you in a simple, easy-to-use format and go from stuck to unstoppable.

It Pays To Be You Career Change and Job Search Workbook contains dozens of step-by-step assessments and practical guidance for professionals of all ages and stages.


Leslie Juvin-Acker is your coach on your journey of personal satisfaction and professional excellence.

Engineering Your Mood Feel Like The Person You Want To Be Book Cover


Your life experiences do not tell you who you are, only what you are thinking.


Control your mood, or your mood will control you.


To change the results you’ve been getting, learn how to change your mood with Leslie Juvin-Acker.


A mood is a composition of the imagination. Engineering Your Mood guides you on the successful composition of a mood so you can feel like the person you want to be.


Emotional intelligence expert Leslie Juvin-Acker challenges you to change what you accept as true about yourself and your life by a simple change of mood.


A third of the work in life is convincing yourself of the truth that you can do something about the way you feel. The other third is deciding what you want to feel like. And the remaining task is to enter into and experience the mood.


Leslie shares a simple, effective solution for bringing real change from within your mind and into your life. Shift your mood to access new worlds of thought and experience with Engineering Your Mood.

The Money Formula Book Cover


Emotional intelligence expert Leslie Juvin-Acker became a millionaire using the principles revealed in The Money Formula.

The Money Formula is a seven-step method that gets to the roots of self-sabotaging financial behaviors and teaches you how to correct them for good.


What’s the first thought you think when you hear the word ‘money’? Leslie Juvin-Acker, Chief Happiness Officer of Leslie Inc. and career development and emotional intelligence expert, declares that our relationship with money is deeply rooted in our subconscious mind from memories stored in our childhood and can be reprogrammed within minutes.

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