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Subject Matter Expertise

As a polymath, Leslie is a subject matter expert is a variety of areas.

Leslie enjoys learning and exploring new interests and sharing what she knows with people.

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Bird Babies

What is it like to be a birdkeeper?

Leslie shares her stories and advice on raising birds in her aviary.

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Law School For Visual Learners

Who says learning the law is for the elite?

Learn the law and prepare for exams with Leslie.


Watch Leslie in action as she guides, mentors, and discusses

all the ways to live the life of your dreams.

Media Appearances

A variety of media experiences discussing various subjects.

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Valuable Insight - 2020

Daniel Beavers desperately sought Leslie's help. She offered to help him and house him for free if he agreed to film their conversations for what would be called Valuable Insight.


#DRIVE - 2016

Leslie explores the subjects of leadership, career advancement, and work-life balance with the personalities behind the products and lifestyle you know and love.


On #Drive,  Leslie shares their personal stories and uncovers the inspiration that fuels the drive of her guests. Thanks to a collaboration with Allen Carrasco of Carrasco Creative Media, Viewers get a chance to meet and know the guests in a never before format and gain the wisdom and experience they need to advance their careers and lives.

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Think Happy Audio Essays - 2022

Leslie brings her stories to life by narrating her essays. Leslie's essays span topics of emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship, and the human spirit.

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The State of Happiness Podcast - 2017

The State of Happiness podcast explores emotional intelligence and career development with a range of guests.

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Essays At The Leslie Inc. Blog

Explore subjects of emotional intelligence and the strength of the human spirit through story.

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